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About Us

My interest in Skyes goes back to the early 1970's when I first started in dogs.  There was this woman named Margaret McGlynn showing some beautiful dogs from the original imports (Merrymount Lines). However she had bred herself into a corner and everything in Australia was closely related.  I did try to use her dogs later on but they were too old and nothing came of it.  

Anyway my next Skye person I encountered at a show and made the mistake of asking about a puppy - for at least an hour she never let up on how Skyes would kill all my other dogs and left me thinking they were all beserk !!!  So I bought a Wire instead but my interest never changed.

Then I saw an ad in a newspaper for a litter of Skyes rang up and Carly bought them for me to see and I took a lovely girl Skyeholm Highland Rose who was a lousy show dog but such an absolute sweetie that I subsequently bought her brother Ch Skyeholm Rob Roy who did a lot of winning for us and was a really sound smart little dog and dazzled judges with his good nature - they could not believe they could handle a Skye.  Temperament is absolutely paramount to me - I do not care how good a show dog it is it must have a good nature and be pleasant to live with.

The rest - as the cliche goes - is history.